Ten wrong concept for Hairdressing and Beauty

Women in general are vain when it comes to their looks. In fact, the most important part of their body where they spend their money the most is their hair. Women have various hair maintenance and other treatments just to ensure that they would look good and better each day. As beliefs say that hair is the woman’s glory and for this to be kept that way, routines must be made aside from the daily shampooing and conditioning application. However, there are also common hair mistakes that some women do and it should serve as a reminder for all not to repeat them.




1. Too Much Heat on the Hair

There are various hair tools that women use these days such as blow dryer, ceramic straightener, and curling irons. They become more conscious on how their hair would look for today and the next day. It has become their partners each day whether they like curly hair or a more straight hair look.


2. Wearing a Pony Tail

It does not mean that women should not wear any pony tail at all but wearing it frequently and putting it on the same position will damage the hairline gradually. It's best to find various ways of putting hair accessories and not just the same pony tail, not doing it every day. It will cause hair breakage.


3. Too Much Hair Products

Imagine your hair that has received shampoo, conditioner. After taking a bath, chemicals will be put on not just one, but two or more hair products such as styling gel, anti-hair frizz, and others. Yes, the thought of maintaining its shape and shine would not help, especially if an exaggerated amount is being damped into hair.


4. No Regular Haircuts

It does not mean that you would cut your hair shorter. It's up to you. But to those who are used to maintaining long hair cut should once in a while by visiting the parlor to trim the hair down. It's the best remedy in removing unhealthy hair, especially where split ends mostly appear.


5. Regular Shampooing of Hair

Shampooing your hair daily decreases the natural oil that it actually produces. It washes away the natural shine the moment that you put on shampoo into your hair. This is the reason why conditioners must be applied after shampooing your hair. The ideal is to use shampoo every other day and not regularly.


6. Doing Personal Hair Dying

Those who can't afford to have their hair dyed in the nearby parlor would just do self-dying at home. Yes, it's economically wise because you can save from expensive process that is being offered in a regular hair salon. However, it's better that experts handle them because there are necessary directions that must be followed, especially when it comes to mixtures.


7. Drying Hair after Bath

It is automatic that after that you take a bath that you put towel on your hair to absorb excess water. Nonetheless, rubbing the towel on your hair to dry them up would cause hair frizz and damage.


8. Too Much Brushing/Combing

There is an old saying that when you brush your hair 100 hundred times, it would become healthier and natural shine will appear. Nonetheless, too much combing or brushing will cause hair breakage and damage.


9. Doing Your Own Haircut

This is for those who are not really hair experts where they could not really follow the right direction in hair trimming. Once you make a cut, you'll never know that you have already created a direction. Most of the women who did try it were never satisfied after and they would run to a nearby salon to save their hair from a big fiasco.


10. Following the Latest Hairstyles

It's okay that you follow some trendy hairstyles but it does not mean if specific hairstyle looks good to others that the same effect would reflect on you. You have to know the shape of your face and the appropriate cut that will improve your look and that would really suit you. If it won't work for you then try other hairdos. You have to experiment and ask others' opinions if necessary.