Natural Beauty Tips for Winter

Winter boasts a magical wonderland of snowflakes and holidays, but can winter weather can cause incredible damage to your skin and body. Improper body care during cold weather may lead to dehydration and cracked, uncomfortable and unsightly skin conditions. There are several ways to maintain a beautiful appearance during winter without spending money on costly beauty products.


Moisturize Daily

Moisturize your face each day.

Use a facial moisturizer each morning to keep your face feeling fresh and smooth. Sunburn can occur during winter. Especially if you're on the ski slopes, so select a moisturizer that contains both a sunscreen and natural humectant like, vitamin E.


Exercise during the winter to stay in shape.

During the winter, exercise several times each week. Exercise not only helps you maintain a healthy body weight naturally, but also increases blood flow to all parts of your body. Stay limber and prevent muscle stiffness that sometimes occurs during cold weather.

Shower Minimally

Too much showering can dry out your skin.

Drink plenty of water during the winter to help your body stay hydrated . Watch the water with too much showering or bathing which can actually dry out your skin. Shower minimally for the smoothest, healthiest winter skin. When you do shower, use lukewarm water and apply moisturizing lotion to your face and body immediately after.

Dress Appropriately

Select warm winter clothes.

Proper winter attire protects your body from prolonged exposure to the cold. Select warm, comfortable clothing during the winter months. While wool is one of the warmest fabrics, it may cause skin irritation and itching, so opt for a more body-friendly fabric, such as cotton, and dress in layers. Before venturing outdoors, select a warm scarf to cover your face. This will reduce your chances of windburn. Also select a comfortable pair of gloves to keep your hands and fingernails soft and chap-free.

Have a Sound Sleep

Avoid overheating your body at night.

Get plenty of sleep during the winter to increase your energy, but avoid overheating your body while you rest. Select a lightweight blanket that will keep you warm but does not over do it.

Use a Humidifier

Run a humidifier during months when natural humidity is low.

Wear Lip Balm

Lip balm keeps your lips from becoming dry.

Dry, chapped lips can be unsightly and even painful. During the harsh winter months, lips are especially likely to dry out. Wear moisturizing lip balm daily, even when your lips do not feel chapped. Lip balm is available in a variety of flavors and scents, so choose something you'll look forward to wearing daily.

Place your humidifier in the room you spend the most time in. You should clean your humidifier on a regular basis to prevent bacteria and mold growth.